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IGIT (International Group Of Investment and Trade)

UAE (United Arab Emirates)

International Group for Investment and Trade (IGIT) is a diverse group of companies with a unified vision to successfully influence and improve the professional development of people and the advancement of the communities in which it operates.

IGIT today is one of the leading investment, trading, training and consultancy companies in the Middle East, with operations in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United States, Switzerland and Jordan with over 1000 employees, effectively transferring advanced knowledge and management skills to lead the development of your team. The group’s expertise, versatility and proven track record at both local and global levels make it a trusted advisor for a wide range of prominent businesses, governments and institutions. IGIT’s subsidiaries span the breadth of sectors from real estate, technology, education and construction to management and more, while our partners and clients are varied and include global market leaders that are able to rise and meet the challenges of the present and the future.

The dynamic strategy of IGIT focuses on targeting diverse, feasible opportunities with high returns on investment to boost the company’s expansion and growth. Solid financials, market expertise and professional management teams enable IGIT to be the ideal partner in successfully establishing, influencing and leading any targeted business in the market.